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  Common Radiator Problems The radiator won’t come on The bottom section of the radiator is cold The pipes are very hot to touch, but the radiator is not giving any heat out.   Checks You May Do Yourself Easy checks you can do yourself to make your radiators come on. The first check you […]

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Suitable Tiling Substrates

  Every 5 years there is a review of British Standards which takes a look at changes within the tiling industry. BS 5385 Part 1: 2018 has now been published. The main change is that the use of plywood for tiling on has now been removed as a suitable backer board for tiles. “The use […]

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Ceramic or Porcelain Tiles?

So what is the difference between Ceramic & Porcelain? Porcelain tiles are fired at a higher temperature than Ceramic tiles this gives the ‘bisque’ of the tile extra strength. For example a normal ceramic tile will be heated between 800-950 degrees where as a porcelain tile of upwards of 1200 degrees.   The main difference […]

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