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Bradley, Huddersfield Bathroom to wetroom

Date:  11/03/2018

Client:  Family Returning Customers

Category:  Bathrooms/Wetrooms

Value:  £5000-8000

Location:  Grantley Place, Bradley, Huddersfield

Bathroom Size:  1.9m x 2.5m

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Once we had removed the old bathroom we underwent making the changes within this bathroom that were needed to create what the customer wanted. Due to the existing position of the soil stack we had to raise the base of where the Shower Deck for the wet room tray in order to get the fall needed. This meant a little bit more time on this project and a lot of wood to build the base up.

Once we built up the frame work for the shower deck we also saw the opportunity to build up some custom storage within the unavoidable boxing needed to hide the pipework. After showing the customer the different options they went for different sized niches, we again built these up and then boarded up.

Once boarded we tanked and then got on to tiling the walls in a Regal Polish Grey tiles supplied from us and boarded the floors, cut in the envelope cut for the wet room area and tiles the rest of the floor. For this the customer chose a Berkeley™ Charcoal Tile which we also set to the back of the niches to make it a feature.

Once tiled we started the second fix alongside building up the boxing which was needed due to pipe positions which we were unable to build up within the wall.

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