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Commercial property?

At Beau Plumbing & Tiling we know that when it comes to a job that needs doing at your business premises it is not always ideal for the work to be done during your opening hours.

Plumbing problems can often be sorted with little inconvenience to your employees or customers. However, if it is installing new sanitary ware or something of which you would simply prefer being completed out of hours we are able to organise having the job done at your convenience.

We are more than happy to maintain the plumbing in your customer or employee toilets so you have peace of mind, that if a problem ever occurs you know you have a plumber who will be ready to come and get the problem sorted to stop any inconvenience to your business.


Whether you need just a splash-back in the kitchen of your commercial property for hygiene reasons or want new hard wearing tiles laid for a high traffic busy shop or kitchen, we can advise you of what tile would be best from the material to the size of tile.

In commercial bathrooms hygiene is also highly important, you need to make sure you get a tile that has an ‘easy wipe’ surface to insure the area is not only easy to clean but also gives a clean look finish. Basins in business premises should always have a splash back behind them due to the amount of water that will end up behind the basin. Simply putting a row of tiles behind it will solve the problem and ensure that the wall doesn’t become damaged through the heavy water use.

Floor Tiling

Floor tiles come in a range of material, finishes and sizes. On a commercial floor it is important to make sure you choose a hard durable tile because of the amount of foot traffic that will be going over it every day. We can advise you on what sort of tile would be best suited to your business.

Floor tiling can be extremely awkward to have installed when it’s in a work place. So we are more than happy to work whenever is best suited to your commercial opening hours, be it over a night or a weekend we are more than happy to work around your opening times to prevent inconvenience to your business.

If you need some work doing or are just wanting to get in touch to let us know you would like us to maintain your plumbing in case of a problem or emergency in the future, contact us and we will ensure that we’ll be able to help you look after your business.

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