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Common Radiator Problems

  • The radiator won’t come on
  • The bottom section of the radiator is cold
  • The pipes are very hot to touch, but the radiator is not giving any heat out.


Checks You May Do Yourself

Easy checks you can do yourself to make your radiators come on. The first check you can do is to make sure the TRV valve & lockshield valve on each side of the radiator are both on you can do this by turning the TRV head to anti clockwise and the same with the lockshield (some valves you may need a spanner to do this). Once your heating is on you should be able to feel the heat come through in no time at all.

Bleeding Radiators

One of the main call outs we attend in relation to radiators in Huddersfield is simply because there is air in the system which needs to be removed via the bleed valve which can be found on the top left or right of most common radiators. You will more than likely need a radiator key to open the valve up but a lot now do also have a slot for a flat screwdriver. Once the bleed is open you should be able to hear the air coming out as water re-fills the radiator. Once this has been completed you will need to check the boiler pressure is some where between 1-1.5bar of pressure via the filling loop.

Another common problem is simply where the TRV valve is situated on the radiator. Installing them where direct sun light hits them or next to a door way will affect their efficiency as they won’t be able to judge the correct room temperature and will either constantly keep on due to cold air coming onto the valve or direct sunlight may knock the radiator off even though the room is cold the valve will assume the room is up to temperature.

If the radiator still isn’t passing heat through after doing all of this it is likely that the valve is blocked or has failed. For this we would recommend calling Beau Plumbing&Tiling on 01484500002 and we will get these valves changed for you if needed.

For all your radiator needs in Huddersfield just get in touch with us and we can advise on the correct radiator for the heat output needed for the room.




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